President Donald Trump Cheered At 120th Army-Navy Football Game Coin Toss

President Donald Trump’s appearance at the 120th Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia received a roaring response from the Midshipmen and Cadets. The game was televised nationally by CBS.

Trump stode onto the field, clapping, and wearing a “Keep America Great Again” cap with “45” on it. He gave the coin toss following the invocation and the National Anthem, performed by a combined Army-Navy chorus. The President was thanked by a mic’d referee supervising the toss of a special commemorative coin.

Navy won the toss (tails) and deferred to Army getting the ball first.

Before the game, President Trump visited both locker rooms to wish the players well. He also had a special new Presidential order designed for them.

Unlike past years, any player from the military academys who wish to pursue a professional football career will not have to wait until their service is completed. In the past, players had to serve their full military commitment before embarking on a pro career.

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Ashanti Says Her New Music and Christmas Movie Show How She's Grown

Ashanti burst onto the music scene in 2002 with her collaborations with Fat Joe and Ja Rule, and her first solo album. She was 22. By 2019, Ashanti had become an actor and producer while keeping up her music. Her latest film, A Christmas Winter Song, premieres tonight on Lifetime. 

Ashanti plays Clio, the owner of a Christmas store who recently lost her father. She’s not feeling the Christmas spirit this year until she meets Fred (Stan Shaw) an out of work jazz singer. Showbiz Cheat Sheet spoke with Ashanti and she revealed how her latest film and music reflect how much she’s changed since those early days. 

Ashanti says music in 2019 is ‘more vocal’.

When Ashanti first began recording, it was a different world. She was just emerging from her teenage years and there were fewer avenues to release music. As she records in 2019, Ashanti feels audiences today embrace more personal music.

“I think today, people are way more vocal,” Ashanti said. “People talk about things way looser than before. I think it’s really important just for me as an artist to be able to open up and show different sides and just connect with people and talk about real-life experience. Whether the good or bad, but talk about it so that people can relate.”

‘A Christmas Winter Song’ shows grown-up Ashanti

Clio is a married woman, a business owner, and a woman going through grief. Ashanti is now in a place to play such a character. When she was younger, she starred in teen dramas like Coach Carter and comedies like John Tucker Must Die.

“Being able to portray different characters and not be put in a box for this one thing to continuously happen I think is really important,” Ashanti said. “So yeah, I feel like I’ve grown from character to character, project to project.”

And, in a rare move for Lifetime, A Christmas Winter Song is not a romance.

“Well, I am married [in the movie],” Ashanti said. “I am married but the love story is more between the two characters that meet and kind of help each other out in life. That’s where the admiration and the love story is.”

‘A Christmas Winter Song’ is her second Christmas movie

Ashanti starred in Lifetime’s 2013 Christmas movie Christmas in the City. It took six years for Christmas to return.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say [I was] looking,” Ashanti said. “I’m very grateful that we get offers and it’s about finding the right project that makes sense for me and liking the script. Timing is everything so I think this one was all of the above.”

Of course, in real life, Ashanti celebrates Christmas every year, movie or no movie. ,

“In my house, we have a blast,” Ashanti said. “It’s cocoa and candy canes, it’s tree-trimming parties, it’s a whole bunch of food and cakes and pie and ice cream and family and music and dancing. It’s a good time in my house. We usually like to at least do Christmas home for like the first day or so and then hopefully end up in the Caribbean somewhere.”

Ashanti couldn’t have imagined being here in 2002

Back in 2002, Ashanti was just happy to be making music, and she still is. That she can add acting, producing and other crafts to her slate makes her grateful.

“I think there was so much going on when the first album came out, there were so many things happening, I didn’t know what to see, what to think, what was going to happen. I was very young so I would say that I’m very grateful to be here. There are so many people that have not been able to progress with so many things changing in the industry. So I feel really, really grateful and blessed to be able to still be doing what I love from day one continuously just progressing in my career.”

And that blessing keeps her busy.

“That takes up a lot of time,” Ashanti said. “Music, film, writing, touring. I just celebrated my birthday. All these shows. I’ve been in and out of the country for the past few months. I don’t think I’ve been in one place for more than three or four days since last year. It’s been an incredible run.”

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First female Star Wars director Victoria Mahoney reveals how Ava DuVernay helped get her the job

History is being made with the upcoming Star Wars film in more than one regard. The Rise of Skywalker is not only the conclusion to the nine-movie epic saga that began back in 1977, but it also finally shatters the glass ceiling with the franchise’s first female director.

Victoria Mahoney is the second unit director for the production, and in a recent guest column for The Hollywood Reporter she revealed she has legendary filmmaker Ava DuVernay to thank for landing the job in the first place.

“It’s no secret to my peer group I’d been trying to break into the studio-franchise realm for 10 years. Begging to simply get a meeting. Nada. Zilch. Nunca,” Mahoney writes. “As for [The Rise of Skywalker‘s first unit director] J.J. [Abrams], after numerous, widely circulated, almost identical lists of directors had landed on his desk, he decided to do outreach calls of his own. When he phoned Ava DuVernay for her list, she said, ‘I happen to have a great list, J.J., but I’m not giving it to you. I’m giving you one name and one name only: Victoria Mahoney.'”

From there, Mahoney goes on to detail how all it took was an email, a phone call, and a three-hour in-person meeting for her to land her history-making dream job.

“Five months later, J.J. is leading us, his key crew, through soundstages at Pinewood in London. My entire being is knocked back by the magnitude, labor, and precision of a ship being erected from scratch,” Mahoney says. “My jaw hits the floor, and I hear myself say, ‘Holy shit!’ I start telling myself, ‘Pull it together. Don’t be an amateur. Keep your geekdom close to the chest. Hide your awe, Mahoney.’ But then I see J.J. in my periphery, smiling as big and full as me. I’m delighted — and relieved not to have to hide that I’ve been dreaming of this moment and the higher stakes of day-to-day directing on a massive franchise.”

Back when it was first announced that Mahoney would be the second unit director for The Rise of Skywalker, DuVernay spoke out on social media to celebrate the historic moment.

“Happy to share this historic news. A black woman directing stories in a galaxy far, far away,” DuVernay wrote on Instagram. “First unit director J.J. Abrams. Second unit director Victoria Mahoney.”

Now it’s clear that not only has DuVernay been cheering on Mahoney in public, but she’s also been championing her behind-the-scenes as well.

Star Wars: Episode IX — The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters Dec. 20.

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Video: 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge' Should Be Like THIS Every Night: Lightsaber Battles & Flying X-Wings – /Film

Last week I traveled to Walt Disney World in Florida to experience the grand opening of Rise of the Resistance, the new ride in Hollywood Studios’ Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. For the opening dedication, Disney closed Batuu’s Black Spire Outpost for a grand party, which included life-size X-Wing drones, a lightsaber battle stunt show, fireworks and much more. It’s all part of an unfolding narrative Star Wars story that took place at locations around the land throughout the night, giving us a peek at what Galaxy’s Edge should be like every single night.

When Galaxy’s Edge was first announced, they promised an interactive Westworld-style storyline taking place throughout the land that we’ve yet to see fully implemented. I’m hoping the opening night experiment is a peek into the possible future of storylines in Galaxy’s Edge because it should be like THIS every single night. Galaxy’s Edge is already awesome but this would put it over the top. Until then, you can watch my video to get a look at the entire storyline (I was able to run around the land and capture it all).

You can also watch our previous coverage of the new Rise of the Resistance ride, which is incredible.

Or catch our coverage from opening day, including a look at the new Rise of the Resistance merchandise and more:

The videos come from our new YouTube channel Ordinary Adventures, so please subscribe if you haven’t done so already! We have a lot of coverage of theme parks, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and movie events. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our weekly adventures to theme parks, movie events, magic, tabletop, and more. Get Ordinary Adventures t-shirts & merch!

Thanks to Disney Parks for hosting us for this trip. They provided us with travel, accommodations, park tickets, and some food. #hosted

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TOWIE stars tease explosive Christmas special as Gemma Collins returns to show

TOWIE brings the drama no matter what time of year, but the TOWIE Christmas special is notoriously the juiciest of all.

After a year jam-packed with feuds and fall-outs, the TOWIE stars are set to reunite for Georgia Kousoulou's swish Christmas ball.

Some of the series' biggest names will be in attendance, from TOWIE legend Gemma Collins to rival starlets Amber Turner and Chloe Sims.

Ahead of this Sunday's Christmas special, TOWIE stars Joey Turner and Harry Lee opened up about the drama to come in exclusive interviews with Daily Star Online.

  • Megan McKenna warns her nipples are out as she gushes over boob-baring lingerie

  • TOWIE girls thrill fans in sexy pyjamas as Courtney Green splits from boyfriend

  • Gabby Allen goes topless in raunchy snap amid Dan Osborne cheating rumours

Joey said: "I feel like there probably will be [drama] because it is TOWIE. But because it's Christmas, I'm hoping there's a bit of Christmas joy and love. That was what I was trying to do, I was trying to spread Christmas spirit."

Hinting at hidden drama, he added: "But I don't know if anyone else got the memo…"

Lovebirds Frankie Sims and Harry Lee made their relationship official in last season's romantic finale and now plan to spend their first Christmas together.

  • Lauren Goodger faces backlash from fans after letting dogs poo in her bed

  • Gemma Collins is 'worried sick' after James Argent suffers 'second drug overdose'

Speaking about the Christmas special, Harry explained: "I've got [Frankie] a present but I can't say what it is yet, cause it's a surprise, but it's going to be a big present. I'm sure she'll look forward to that.

"I'm not too sure how the Christmas Special pans out in terms of what everyone else does, but it should be a good one."

The former footballer even plans to ambush the Sims' Christmas dinner to say hello to his leading lady, as he confessed: "I think I might pop around there for an hour or two on Christmas Day evening just to say hi."

  • Dan Osborne shares adorable snaps with Jacqueline Jossa amid cheating rumours

  • Vicky Pattison shows 'happy and strong' body transformation with stunning bikini pics

On Sunday night's special, Gemma will reunite with the TOWIE gang, letting them know her plans for the year ahead.

Clelia Theodorou and Chloe Brockett go head-to-head in a fiery confrontation, as Chloe accuses her of making comments behind her back.

On top of that, Amber and Chloe try their best to leave the past behind them – but their tempers get the better of them.

  • Dan Osborne avoids Myles Stephenson meet as he snubs his I'm A Celeb exit party

  • TOWIE's James 'Arg' Argent 'rushed to hospital after fears of second overdose'

And Ella and Tom tease an unexpected romance as they find themselves under the mistletoe after swapping a few thirsty texts.

The Only Way Is Essexmas airs on Sunday 15th December at 10pm on ITVBe.

  • Towie
  • Gemma Collins

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Stranger Things season 4: Jim Hopper’s back door escape plan outed in detail you missed

Stranger Things left every viewer emotional in the final episode of season three. After fighting against the Russians and the malevolent forces of the Upside Down for ten episodes, Jim Hopper (played by David Harbour) was killed off by shutting down a generator which opened a portal to the Upside Down.

The generator then exploded, bringing down the facility, and Hopper with it.

Fans were devastated, and instantly began suggesting he had not really been killed off, but transported to the other world.

Then, came the show’s post-credit scene, which featured members of the Russian military talking about a prisoner – The American – who fans soon began suggesting was really Hopper.

However, other fans have begun theorising over how Hopper will return – and it isn’t how one would think.

READ MORE: Stranger Things season 4 theories: What does the new series title mean?


  • Stranger Things season 4: Hopper’s death ‘confirmed’ by David Harbour?

Viewers think he did survive, but not through jumping through a portal to the Upside Down.

And Reddit user Ritzbitz14 recently voiced this theory, saying: “I think that Hopper was somehow able to get away from the machine and hide from the explosion, before being apprehended by Russians escaping the base.”

The user explained the remaining members of the facility escaped from the base with the help of a back door.

They went on: “The Russians were evacuating the base through some secret exit, a backdoor, if you will, and ran into Hopper on the way.

“This is supported by the fact that when the American Military came storming through the base just minutes after the explosion they were not shown capturing any Russians even though they were running through the heart of the base.

“We also don’t see any captured Russians up in the parking lot where we see lots of military guys and Will and his mother getting reunited.”

This theory does take some suspension of disbelief, but the user added: “It’s obviously possible that the Russians were captured, but why not show that?

“The fact that we don’t see any captured Russians seems like a pretty significant detail.”

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This is how the fan believes Hopper went on to get captured by the Russians, and sent to Russia as a prisoner.

They conclude: “After escaping through this backdoor, the Russians and their prisoner managed to get back to Russia and locked Hopper up.”

Could his death have truly been a huge misdirect to see him captured during his escape?

Meanwhile, Hopper star David has recently been speaking out about his character’s death, and has even alluded to him being dead permanently.


  • Stranger Things season 4: Will Byers to become focus of new season?

Speaking at Comic Con in Dortmund, he explained: “I think Hopper — from the very beginning I’ve said this — he’s very lovable in a certain way, but also, he’s kind of a rough guy.

“Certainly in the beginning of season one he’s kind of dark, and he’s drinking, and he’s trying to kill himself, and he hates himself for what happened to his daughter.”

Dramatically, he added: “I feel like, in a sense, that character needed to die.”

Stranger Things is streaming now on Netflix.

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'The Voice' Fans Are 'Disappointed' With Blake Shelton After His Latest Performance

In the eyes of The Voice fans, Blake Shelton can do no wrong.

People love everything about the country singer, from his chart-topping hits to his relationship with Gwen Stefani to his cheeky sense of humor. Plus, there’s the fact that he has mentored a champion more times than any other coach over the course of the reality series. But even with a record number of Voice wins, nobody is perfect—and Blake may have accidentally turned a few supporters against him.

During Tuesday night’s episode, Blake took the stage with his friend and fellow country star Trace Adkins to perform their single “Hell Right.”

Throughout their back-country duet, the Southern natives shared spoken-word narratives about partying and the chorus offered one repetitive piece of advice: “If you gonna raise hell then you better damn raise hell right.” When the performance was over, Blake grabbed the mic and said “Merry Christmas, America.”

While the live audience erupted with cheers, some Voice viewers at home weren’t as pleased.

#TheVoice I like Blake but what was that song?🤷🏻‍♂️

I used to like #TheVoice but I think this might be my last season. I am disappointed in Blake and Trace. I like them both, but I don’t think we need more swearing to be cool and hip. Please be the integrity we need, because that wasn’t

Blake; “Hell Right.”
Blake in his next breath, “Merry Christmas.”
Christ does not approve. #thevoice

What a Hypocrite Blake is and the whole production as a whole for that matter! Blake comes out singing Hell Right and in the same breath Merry Christmas all and God Bless. What a joke!!!…#TheVoice

“I am disappointed in Blake and Trace. I like them both, but I don’t think we need more swearing to be cool and hip,” one critic wrote. Others agreed the lyrics were inappropriate and called Blake a “hypocrite” for mentioning Christmas after singing “Hell Right.”

Of course, there were people who loved the “amazing” duet—and even called on the singers to make more music together.

I love you and Trace! You should do more songs together! @blakeshelton #TheVoice

Amazing performance by Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins! #TheVoice

What a way to open up #TheVoice! I love me some Blake and Trace!!

Blake—who has been known to clap back at haters on Twitter—has not responded to the criticism surrounding his latest performance. “Hell Right” actually stirred up controversy when it was first released, but that didn’t stop the single from reaching the top of the Billboard Hot 100—and if we had to guess, a few angry Voice fans won’t stop Blake from singing whatever he wants.

Listen to Blake Shelton’s Latest Singles

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Hallmark and Lifetime Do Hanukkah. Oy.

My mother adheres to a strict Hallmark movie ritual every December. Five minutes into “The Christmas Club” or “The Christmas Cottage” or “The Christmas Cure” — all very real Hallmark Channel titles — she snatches the remote and hits pause.

Then she turns to me, triumphant, and proceeds to predict the entire plot of the next 80-odd minutes. She’s never wrong.

Five minutes is all it takes for her to plug Olivia or Lacey or Vanessa and their holiday hunk du jour into the infallible Hallmark Christmas romance formula. Five minutes. Sometimes less. (I’ve gotten pretty good at it myself. The apple and the tree and the daughter who gleefully watches too many Christmas movies, or something like that.)

I would never imply my mother is anything short of brilliant, but predicting who falls for who and which antics will ensue before the big kiss under the mistletoe? It isn’t exactly hard to crack. The Cheesy Made-for-TV Christmas Movie, a genre in itself, always follows a certain formula.

Maybe that’s why any diversion from the usual — say, sprinkling some Hanukkah into the mix — seems to bring such disastrous results.

Hallmark, under increased scrutiny for its noticeable lack of diverse stars, is somewhat widening its offerings this season beyond all-Christmas, all-the-time: “Holiday Date” (premiering Saturday) and “Double Holiday” (due Dec. 21) each have their very own Nice Jewish Lead for the Not Jewish Other Lead to fall in love with. Lifetime, too, joined in this month with “Mistletoe & Menorahs.”

But these aren’t exactly Hanukkah movies — not entirely, anyway. In the Hallmark-Lifetime Cinematic Universe, Hanukkah and the characters who celebrate it exist only in relation to Christmas. The Jewish holiday serves as more of a plot point than a charming, wintry aesthetic.

Take Christy, the shiksa protagonist of “Mistletoe & Menorahs,” who in eight days — naturally — must become a Hanukkah expert to impress a Jewish prospective client and land an account. (That’s part of the formula, too: There’s usually some sort of account that needs landing.) Learning new traditions from her very cute, very Jewish counterpart is just another box to check so Christy can reach her goals and find love.

Even Cute Jewish Guy can’t enjoy his holiday in peace like every other rom-com boy next door — not with that squeaky rendition of “I Have A Little Dreidel” blaring from his pocket when his phone rings. (We got the message the first time we heard he was Jewish, but thanks for the reminder.)

Or take the small-town family in “Holiday Date,” who learn the man their daughter brought home is Jewish and — after an incredibly awkward silence and a “Holy Hanukkah” — immediately turn the film into a cross-cultural infomercial. We get mechanical, textbook definitions of menorahs and sufganiyot and dreidels. The Christmas-celebrating mom suddenly appears in an “Oy Vey” apron with a platter of homemade latkes. A small child smiles and declares, “I think Hanukkah rocks.” It would take remarkably little editing to turn the whole thing into a Jewish “Get Out.”

There’s one glaring inaccuracy that these two films share: Most Jews do, in fact, know a decent bit about Christmas. Celebrating Hanukkah does not make us immune to absorbing the basic Christmas traditions — or lyrics to the basic Christmas songs — that surround us every year. Nor does our Christmaslessness strip away common sense (please don’t shout “Mazel tov!” at a small Christian child, Joel from “Holiday Date”) or spatial judgment (really, Joel, it’s not that hard to assemble a structurally sound gingerbread house).

Lighting a menorah also does not render us unable to put up holiday lights (yep, still talking about Joel here). Hanukkah is literally the Festival of Lights. We know a bit about the subject.

A necessary disclaimer: These films can’t be critiqued as high art. There’s a reason they have a devoted following, after all: They’re delightfully predictable, easily digestible. You know there’ll be a happy ending, usually after a snowball fight where the characters fall on top of each other and their faces end up this close.

But I’m not looking to break the formula. I’m not even looking for much representation on the Hanukkah front; Christmas movies are the holiday films I’ve grown up with.

My bar for a good holiday film is low: I want to see some snow, I want to see some people fall in love in said snow, and I don’t want to feel like my holiday is being Christmasplained. It’s a giant neon sign to those who celebrate: This Film Isn’t For You. It’s for these other folks, the folks we make movies for all the time, who clearly don’t know what’s up with this stuff.

That’s why “Double Holiday,” about two office rivals planning a holiday party, is easily the most tolerable of the three. For one, the love interest doesn’t seem utterly perplexed by Judaism: Instead of the Jewish character being the odd one out — no, really; the “Holiday Date” dad calls Joel an “odd duck” — we get a whole Jewish family. This time, it’s the non-Jew who has to adapt, and he does so with a refreshing dose of normalcy.

Not once through Rebecca’s party planning, or her efforts to juggle work with her family’s Hanukkah celebrations, is her competence ever called into question. Who knew you could be Jewish and toss up some tinsel at the same time? A true Hanukkah miracle.

And when that office rival (read: love interest) jumps in to save Rebecca’s latkes from burning, he doesn’t act like it’s some giant leap for Christian mankind. (They’re just fried potatoes, folks.) A “Mistletoe & Menorahs” character, on the other hand, remarks that latke “doesn’t even sound like a real word.” Bless his heart.

Hallmark and Lifetime don’t need to reinvent the candy cane here. When you think about it, Christmas isn’t really at the heart of these Christmas movies at all. There are trees and stockings and true love and all that, sure. But Christmas movies aren’t religious. They’re not even all that spiritual — they’re just spirited. There’s no reason the films that throw some Hanukkah in should be any different.

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J.J. Abrams’ Wish for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Didn’t Come True and Makes No Sense

In the weeks leading up to the release of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” the film’s talent have made it clear they have issues with Rian Johnson’s polarizing “The Last Jedi.” John Boyega said in an interview with Hypebeast this week that he disagreed with Johnson’s “Last Jedi” storytelling choices which divided main characters Rey, Poe, and Finn into separate storylines (much as “The Empire Strikes Back” had done). Now “Force Awakens” and “Rise of Skywalker” director J.J. Abrams is expressing similar thoughts to Yahoo Entertainment reporter Kevin Polowy.

“When [Johnson] came to work on the next film, and we were just starting to shoot ‘The Force Awakens,’ I was really excited to see where he would go and what he would do,” Abrams said. “And it’s funny because one of the things I was thinking at first was, ‘Oh, I really want to see all the friends together.’ And in his story, they really weren’t. Rey doesn’t really meet Poe until the end. Rey and Finn are not really together in the movie.”

Abrams added, “So in a way the story that he told in a lot of ways helped set up what we’re doing in 9. But it also allowed Episode 9 to have the group together and out on an adventure in a way that weirdly, even though it’s the third film, it’s the first time they are all together. There’s a lot of details Ryan set up that we run with in this movie. I don’t think this movie would’ve been nearly what it is without the choices Rian made, so I’m nothing but grateful.”

Popular on IndieWire

Unfortunately for Abrams, his wish for “The Last Jedi” makes little sense considering where he left the story in “The Force Awakens.” “The Force Awakens,” with a script credited to Abrams, Lawrence Kasdan, and Michael Arndt, ends with Rey venturing out on her own to find Luke Skywalker while Finn is out of commission in a coma. That ending guaranteed the friends wouldn’t be together in “The Last Jedi” as Abrams wanted to see. So then why is Abrams subtly expressing disappointment with Johnson for keeping the characters separated? Abrams’ script set up “The Last Jedi” to be that way. At least “Star Wars” fans can take comfort in knowing Rey, Finn, and Poe will be one unit in the upcoming “Rise of Skywalker.”

Disney is opening “The Rise of Skywalker” in theaters nationwide December 20.

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What did Myles Stephenson say to Jacqueline Jossa on I'm A Celebrity? Dan Osborne has been accused of cheating

MYLES Stephenson has become a key member in the never-ending saga surrounding Jacqueline Jossa and her husband Dan Osborne – who has been accused of cheating on her.

The I'm A Celeb star opened up to Jacqueline about information he learnt during his relationship with Dan's alleged fling Gabby Allen. But what exactly did he tell the actress while they were out in the jungle…

What did Myles Stephenson say to Jacqueline Jossa?

The Sun first revealed Jacqueline threatened to quit the show after Myles said he believed his ex girlfriend Gabby slept with Dan last year.

Myles has since revealed that Jacqueline was told exactly what her husband messaged Gabby during their snatched five-minute conversation on the way to a bushtucker trial.

Myles told The Sun that he didn't want to spill the beans to Jacqueline but she asked to know the truth.

He said: "There was a moment in camp when Jac asked about the situation. I said to her, 'Look, we’re not going to talk about it now. We're in front of about 150 cameras right now'."

The performer said tearful Jacqueline quizzed him again when they were off camera as they made their way to a Bushtucker Trial.

Myles said that, by then, he and Jacqueline had become "best friends" after living in one another’s pockets Down Under.

He said: "I spoke to her about it. I told her what I thought about the situation. I told her what I’ve seen.

"I told her, 'I’m only telling you because you’re already a sister to me'. If it was the other way, I’d want to know.

"I also went on to tell her that, at the end of the day, I’m not a spiteful person. I didn’t want any of this coming out in public," he continued.

"I could have quite easily gone the horrible route. I didn’t take pictures of anything, which means people are going to say I’m a liar but I have nothing to gain. Nothing at all.

"I spoke to Jac about it and said, 'Whatever you decide to take from what I’ve told is down to you and Dan'. I've got nothing against him."

Speaking to Metro, Myles also explained: "Basically she asked me in the main camp and I said, 'Now is not the time to talk about it', and when we got a spare five minutes on the way to a trial we spoke about what I had read [in Gabby’s messages] and that was it.

"I'd found messages when me and Gabby were together. She listened to what I'd read and she took it on board and she moved on from it. So I'm glad that she took it in and made a decision on what she wanted to do."

What has Myles said about Dan Osborne since leaving the jungle

Myles and Dan Osborne are on good terms now but the pair were almost set to clash out in Australia.

Dan flew to Australia to confront Myles after the revelations he made to Jacqueline had the actress removing her wedding ring and threatening to quit the show.

Dan, who has daughters Ella, four, and Mia, one, with Jacqueline, reportedly told pals he wanted to clobber Myles and "knock his head off" after the revelations.

Myles told The Sun's Bizarre: "If you know you’ve done no wrong, why would you want to knock someone's head off?

"It's an immature response. He shouldn't get his back up. It makes him look bitter and stupid."

The singer, who was staying at the same five-star Versace hotel as Dan at the time, added: "If he wants to come and try and knock my head off it won't end well. One of us is going to end up in the nick and nobody needs that. He's got two kids here. He should be looking after them."

However, the pair put their differences aside after spending time together in Australia while Jacqueline was still competing in I'm A Celebrity.

What has Dan Osborne said about the claims?

Gabby Allen and Dan were pictured looking close together on a yacht as they enjoyed a holiday at The Holistic Bootcamp in Marbella alongside celeb pals Stephanie Davis and Calum Best in 2018.

But Dan was quick to defend the snaps and told one of his Instagram followers that he was merely “speaking and laughing with a friend”.

Jacqueline was pregnant at the time and the couple had a temporary break with Dan moving out of the family home.

Dan moved back in with Jacqueline to help her out after the birth of daughter Mia in June last year and to give their two-year marriage another go.

When Dan and Gabby were in the Celebrity Big Brother house together, they were both quick to say that NOTHING went on.

But to add to Dan's drama, The Sun later revealed claims he had a threesome behind her back with fellow CBB co-stars Chloe Ayling and Natalie Nunn.

The former TOWIE star has not commented on the rumours but has liked social media posts hinting at his innocence.

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