‘What you said doesn’t count’ Piers Morgan tears into Hugh Grant over tactical vote plan

Despite usually taking Friday off from Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan was back on ITV’s screens to discuss the general election result alongside a panel which included Stanley and Rachel Johnson. The GMB host wasted no time in taking a swipe at Steve Coogan and Hugh Grant following their campaign throughout the election to persuade voters to oust Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

The night before the election Coogan told viewers his character Alan Partridge would vote Tory because he’s “ill-informed” during an appearance on Channel 4 news.

Meanwhile, Grant had spent the election campaign urging people to vote for the Liberal Democrats.

The actor was pictured checking his phone with an unimpressed expression as the exit poll results were announced. 

Grant then tweeted: “There goes the neighbourhood.”


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Discussing the actors, Morgan said: “[Grant’s] reaction was ‘There goes the neighbourhood’. Actually, there goes his credibility.

“What we’ve discovered, as Hillary Clinton, celebrities can have the opposite effect. Entitled millionaires telling us our vote doesn’t count. 

“I watched Steve Coogan on Channel 4 news I think it was on the day before the election and he was so sneering about Brexiteers called them stupid and thick.

“[He] said his character Alan Partridge was basically like them, ignorant blah blah blah off he went on his little rant and I watched and I thought ‘My god’…”

Interrupting, Susanna Reid asked: “Does that resonate in any way?”

“Imagine if you are a working class northern Labour voter who voted Leave,” Morgan continued. 

“Who’s an Alan Partridge fan…,” Reid added.

“You’ve got this multi-millionaire entitled Hollywood brat telling you your vote doesn’t count,” Morgan said.

“Well good morning Mr Coogan it turned out what you said didn’t count good morning Mr Grant it turned out what you said didn’t count.

“In fact if anything you both had the complete opposite effect in getting Boris elected.”

Earlier in the week, Coogan told Channel 4 news: “Well Alan Partridge is ill-informed and ignorant and therefore he’s a Conservative and a Brexiteer.”

He was asked: “So he’d be voting Boris Johnson?”


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“Yes,” Coogan answered. “I think the reason Tories don’t invest as much in education is because they depend on a certain level of ignorance for support.”

With just two seats to be declared, the Conservatives had won 363 seats and Labour had won 203.

Labour suffered huge losses in the general election with leader Jeremy Corbyn confirming he will stand down following the crushing results. 

Meanwhile, Lib Deb leader Jo Swinson lost her seat to SNP rival Amy Callaghan.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV on 6am.

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Mysterious ‘bright orb’ sparks frenzy after hundreds witness UFO – US Air Force baffled

Local residents of Mesa, Arizona spotted a mysterious bright orb in the night sky over the weekend, prompting a panic among witnesses. To add to the mystery, officials at nearby military bases have denied any involvement following claims it was a top-secret military test. The footage of the incident shows a bright orb hovering silently in the night sky last Sunday night. 

In the video, after every few moments, the object appears to drop what looks to be flares towards the ground.

One eyewitness Kerry Burnett said: “It was pretty bright, it was about straight up over here, and it went straight that way, stopped, and it didn’t seem like it was too far.

“It started kind of moving diagonal across, trying to figure out which way it was heading.

“And as it did that’s when we noticed it started dropping things from it.”

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Another witness, Doug Maier, added: “It wasn’t just us. Our neighbours next door – they were out; they weren’t even filming.

“They were more in amazement, like statues just sitting there watching it.”

He rejected claims that the footage showed a training exercise, such as US military aircrafts dropping flares.

Mr Maier explained: “No navigation lights; even the military has to have navigation lights on. That’s an FAA rule.

“I know what I saw, and I don’t think it was from here, and I think it was definitely something else.”

Mesa sits just 30km east of Phoenix, which was host to a similarly mysterious sighting in 1997.

The so-called Phoenix Lights phenomenon sparked widespread hysteria at the time, and remains unexplained to this day.


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Federal Aviation Administration officials, officials from the nearby Luke Air Force Base and the Army National Guard all denied involvement in the bizarre orb.

Pressed further by local news broadcaster KNXV-TV, army officials admitted they could not explain the nature of the lights.

Mr Maier, who posted his video to Facebook, drew a frenzy of responses – including a wide range of theories and explanations.

He said: “Some said it may be an aircraft, others said aliens or a comet.”

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Rod Stewart’s brief fling with Joanna Lumley exposed: ‘He was fabulous!’

Rod developed a reputation as a Lothario in his youth, due to his high-profile fame as a rock singer and songwriter. He now has eight children from five different women, but has been married to Penny Lancaster since 2007. His romances include Swedish actress of singer Britt Ekland, American actress Alana Hamilton Stewart and American model Kelly Kay Emberg.

He also dated Joanna Lumley between 1973 and 1974. She is best known for appearing on the series Absolutely Fabulous, but has since become a prominent activist for a range of causes and received an OBE in 1995.

In an interview with the Daily Express in February last year, she revealed: “When I was in my late twenties I went out with Rod Stewart for about 20 minutes.

“He was so fabulous. He had done Maggie May and it was the time that he still wore pink satin suits and drove a Lamborghini and was glamorous.”

Maggie May was released in 1971, and was Rod’s first big song as a solo artist.

Joanna continued: “I remember him pitching up earlier one morning about four o’clock. He had this track and said, ‘This is for you’.

“It was ‘Girl From The North Country’ and I adore Bob Dylan.

“To hear Rod singing this fabulous song in his gravelly voice touched me so much.”

However, she later admitted: “I’ve studied the album and it doesn’t say ‘dedicated to Joanna Lumley’ so you’ve only got my word for it. I could be lying!”

She also said he was incredibly kind to her.

The model explained: “He would say things like ‘Come to Marbella I want to buy a yacht’ but he did sweet things too.

“My son was at school and he’d stand by the gates to pick him up. Other mums would be fainting flat on the ground!”

Rod on the other hand told the Daily Mail in 2012 about the attention he got from women early in his career.

He said: “Women literally threw themselves at The Faces ‘cos we were cute and we were British.

“Me and Ronnie just got tired of sex after a while, and we were only in our early 20s.

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“Come to think of it, we always got more fun out of each other, me and Ronnie, than we did with the girls we were with.

“You can’t understand it if you haven’t been through it, but we were literally peeling the girls off us.”

However, Rod confined in the publication that he grew bored of being promiscuous.

He added: “I got bored of not feeling affectionate towards girls. I wanted to be in love. I wanted something special. After a while it was sad, it was actually sad.”

He married his first wife Alana in 1979, but they divorced in 1984. He wed his second wife Rachel Hunter in 1990 and recently confessed to the Mail on Sunday’s Weekend Magazine he “couldn’t believe it” when she dumped him.

He said: “I was a rockstar. You don’t dump a rock star! It knocked me for six. It was a huge shock.”

Rod has been married to his third wife, Penny, for 12 years.

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This Morning shut down claims Phillip Schofield will be replaced amid ‘feud’ report

Phillip Schofield, 57, is a regular presenter on This Morning, hosting the proceedings alongside Holly Willoughby, 38, for four days a week. However, it was an interaction with Ruth Langsford, 59, from earlier this year which an article from The Sun was referring to when they published the false reports about a complaint. ITV have since denied any feud had taken place and now, they have confirmed the presenter will not be replaced.

According to The Sun, bosses thought Good Morning Britain star Ben Shephard, 44, would be a possible contender to fill in for Phillip.

The reports state the Ninja Warrior host showed “great chemistry” with Holly whilst presenting alongside her earlier this year.

It continues to say ITV Daytime boss Emma Gormley had her sights on the newscaster if Phillip were ever to leave the hit programme.

However, a spokesperson for the broadcaster denied any speculation of the latter being replaced when approached for comment by Express.co.uk.


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They confirmed the claims were “untrue”, following denial eight ITV presenters had complained about a “toxic” atmosphere on the set.

“It’s deeply disappointing and unfair for Phillip to be the target of this sort of malicious gossip,” a representative told Express.co.uk.

“Phillip is a much respected broadcaster and colleague and this is absolutely not a description of This Morning that we recognise.”

The reports of a feud with Ruth were exacerbated when a moment resurfaced from April where the host cut off the Loose Woman presenter.

It’s deeply disappointing and unfair for Phillip

ITV spokesperson

During a crossover link with This Morning’s sister show, Ruth was informing viewers about what was coming up on the show.

However, Phillip had to interject as he and Holly needed to run another link, but it seemed his colleague wasn’t happy.

The panellist seemingly threw down her pen as she said: “Well I only had about two more words to say… don’t worry.”

He told her before Ruth’s reaction: “Guys, we are going to have to jump in there and stop you I’m afraid.

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“We are a bit tight for time on this end. Thank you, Ruth. We will catch you guys a little bit later.”

When the show returned on Monday earlier this week, the matter wasn’t addressed and neither presenters involved brought up the reports on their social media pages.

Following the reports complaints had been filed against Phillip, Amanda Holden, 48, gave her view on the matter during her Heart Radio show yesterday.

Whilst Holly was hosting I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! last December, claims surfaced Phillip had “blocked” the Britain’s Got Talent judge from filling in for his co-host.


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Speaking of the recent speculation about any sort of feud behind the scenes, she said: “Listen, I’ve drawn a line under all of those issues with Phillip.”

“I’m just going to say I really admire anyone that stick up for themselves because it’s not an easy thing to do,” Amanda added.

“There’s a tin opener and there’s a can somewhere and other people have found the tin opener.

That’s all I’m saying,” she concluded.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV.

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Angry Jeremy Vine viewer hits back at NHS attack ‘This would have happened under Labour!’

Jeremy Vine welcomed Tony Blackburn, James Max and Jemma Forte onto his Channel 5 show this morning to chat about a number of topics. One of the major talking points was whether or not the row over a boy’s hospital treatment cost Boris Johnson viewers’ vote? The Prime Minister refused to look at a photo of a four-year-old lying on a hospital floor, eventually putting the reporter’s phone in his pocket.

One angry viewer slammed the use of the clip to damage the Conservative Party’s campaign as they insisted the NHS would still be in trouble if Labour were running the country.

Storm noted: “Next we’re going to speak to Susan from Hampshire, who says this incident shouldn’t be blamed on any particular party.”

“The incident of the young lad on the floor Susan?” Jeremy asked.

Susan replied: “Good morning. I think that this will have happened if Labour were in charge as well.


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“They’re acting as if it was a Tory thing.”

“Yeah, good point,” Jeremy replied. “I suppose the issue, I don’t want to go on about it, maybe tomorrow we’ll forget about it.

“The issue is that Boris Johnson didn’t seem able to say what he probably have should have done, which is to look at the photo and say, ‘That is terrible. I’m on it and by this afternoon I will give you some answers.’

“He couldn’t say that.”

Susan added: “I agree he handled it wrong but I don’t think it was a mobile phone that was put in his hand when it was put in his pocket.”

“He didn’t think it was a phone?” Jeremy asked looking rather puzzled.

Susan confirmed: “No. I think he probably thought it was a picture.”

“There’s a certain weight to a phone, that would not stand up in court Susan,” Jeremy hit back.

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The debate comes after Jeremy Corbyn appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning to argue what the Labour Party have planned for the NHS and using the health service as a political football.

Louise Minchin began: “The Royal College of Physicians has also said it doesn’t want the NHS to be used as a political football.

“They’ve also said, and they’ve looked at all the manifestos, the promises that have been made in manifestos are not physically possible. The plans are not credible.”

“Well, I think it has to be a political decision whether we have an NHS, how it’s funded and what political parties decide they are going to do with it if they gain a majority in the next Parliament” Corbyn replied.

“The NHS has to be properly funded and at the moment it isn’t.”


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Minchin hit back: “They’re saying the plans are not credible though.”

“Well, I disagree,” Corbyn snapped.

“Our plans are completely credible, we have put forward a spending plan, which I believe will give sufficient resources to the NHS and will also properly fund the maintenance issues.

“And, on a more educational level, the issues surrounding nurse training, doctor training and the funding that goes behind that because we have what, 40,000 nurse vacancies in the NHS, we have buildings crumbling, we have very expensive deals on which some of those places were built and we have privatisation within the NHS, which often doesn’t fit in with the NHS culture.”

Jeremy Vine on 5 airs on Channel 5 at 9.15am

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Nazi narcotics: The drugs prescribed to Hitler’s soldiers and how it all ended

The soldiers of the Nazi regime were once thought to be among the best fighters in Europe in the name of furthering the ‘good’ of the Third Reich across Europe and the rest of the world. In the 1950s, an American military analyst, Colonel Trevor Dupuy, went as far as to say that: “On a man for man basis, German ground soldiers consistently inflicted casualties at about a 50 percent higher rate than they incurred from the opposing British and American troops under all circumstances” – yet, the colonel wasn’t to know that the Nazi’s had a secret weapon: Methamphetamine.

In his book “Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany”, author Norman Ohler revealed the extent to which stimulant drugs had festered the ranks of the Wehrmacht, the German army.

Above all the stimulants, such as cocaine and speed, methamphetamine, became an obsession for the strategists and coordinators of the German military and health ministry alike, and was to prove as decisive in winning countless battles as the soldiers fighting them.

Mr Ohler talks of the German defence physiologist, Otto Ranke, having one main enemy, that is, fatigue – “a strange antagonist, hard to grasp, one that regularly knocked out fighters, put them on the ground and forced them to rest,” he writes.

The war on exhaustion was duly waged, with Ranke reading a German chemist’s praise of a drug called Pervitin, or methamphetamine, which seemingly allowed subjects to improve lung capacity and absorb greater amounts of oxygen – standard signs of improved physical performance at the time.

It led to soldiers being tested on, which Pervitin proving favourable in promoting alertness and focus, good spirits, of which a military record of the time noted was: “An excellent substance for rousing a weary squad.”

This culminated in the first marked large-scale use of Pervitin and distribution within the Wermacht during an offensive against Poland on September 1 1939, the beginning of the Second World War.

Mr Ohler explains this set the tone for what was to come, and writes that Pervitin enabled soldiers to view “War as a task that needed to be worked through, and the drug seemed to have helped the tank units not to worry too much about what they were doing in this foreign country, and instead let them get on with their job – even if the job meant killing.”

Further on, he explains: “For many soldiers, the drug seemed to be an ideal companion on the battlefield.

“It switched off inhibitions, which made fighting easier – whether it was night marches, before which the upper was consumed by ‘all drivers and leaders at midnight to sharpen their attention’, removing stuck tanks, shooting or ‘performing other automatized manoeuvres’.

“In every aspect of the attack, which led to the deaths of 100,000 Polish soldiers and, by the end of the year, 60,000 Polish civillians, the drug helped the aggressors to work ‘without any sign of tiredness until the end of the mission’.”

In the following years soldiers were supplied with huge sums of Pervitin, with it proving to suppress the usual ills that came with battle.

The drug was most notably used during the Blitz, where Nazi pilots would dose themselves up before embarking on frenzied bombing with unparalleled precision.

Mr Ohler writes of Böll: “He couldn’t go without the ‘wonderful service’ of methamphetamine even after the war had ended and he was sitting back at his desk.


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“He became dependent on it as a soldier in order to be able to endure the exertions of war and carry on functioning: ‘Please send me, at the next opportunity, an envelope containing Pervitin. Father can pay it out of what he lost to me from our bet,’ he says in another letter from the war.”

This nonchalance in which the stimulant was talked of offering a glimpse of both its regularity in everyday life, subsequent danger and eventual downfall it would later cause.

Fast forward to the second half of 1944 and Hitler had lost on all fronts, with Paris falling to the allies and the prospect of the Third Reich global domination quickly diminishing.

Pervitin had long ceased to be the superhuman drug it once was, as Mr Ohler notes: “Now, only Pervitin helped soldiers either to keep going or to flee the enemy.”

We now know that excessive and prolonged use of Pervitin results in psychosis, with soldiers having consumed it more or less regularly since the first invasion of Poland in 1939 to the Blitzkreig on France and the attack on the Soviet Union.

Mr Ohler notes that psychotic effects and the increase in dosage to maintain desired effects would no doubt have been in play.

By 1944 and 1945 the Nazi soldiers were down and out, with Mr Ohler writing that although wounded soldiers’ spirits were partially lifted after being admitted a combination of Pervitin and morphine for their redeployment: “Many soldiers didn’t want to be redeployed; they were exhausted, run down, and they needed longer and longer periods of recovery.

“For many, the propaganda slogans about fighting to the last carriage rang hollow. No more talks of eagerness, the mood was downcast.”

Hitler’s defeat in WWII was multi-faceted, with an amalgamation of poor logistics and a lack of foresight; and, potentially crucially, an absolute devastation of his soldier’s moral, mental degradation and physical exhaustion at the hands of years of prolonged abuse of stimulant drugs.

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Strictly 2019: Chris Ramsey to make final in shock twist as former pro speaks out?

Chris Ramsey and Karen Hauer found themselves in the dreaded dance-off last week where they were forced to dance for their survival on BBC the show. So far in the competition the comedian has scored a total of 287 points from the judges, placing him as the least likely star to win the show as all three other couples have scored more than him. But former Strictly Come Dancing professional Camilla Sacre-Dallerup has teased Chris may have what it takes to go all the way.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Camilla was asked if the professionals can spot which celebrities will do well in the competition.

“Oh, yeah, definitely,” she revealed. “I mean, you can spot immediately if somebody has any sort of experience in moving on a stage.

“Just like awareness about their own body or where they’re not scared of throwing themselves in the deep end.

“Because you can feel self conscious when you start.”


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Camilla explained the key to success for celebrities is having the confidence to go for it.

She explained: “If you think people aren’t scared of [being self conscious], if they’re just like, ‘Oh, it’s fine, if I look silly’, [they’ll do well].

“So comedians can be good at that, because they think ’It doesn’t matter if I look silly at first, because I know that I need to get through that so I can then feel confident doing this.’”

“So it’s kind of an attitude thing,” she added.

Does this mean Chris has what it takes to make it to the final and even lift the Glitterball Trophy?

The comedian has thrown himself into every dance and has had a great journey over the course of the show.

In the first week, Chris’ Cha Cha Cha scored 13 points and in week seven, he scored 34 points for his Street/Commercial routine.

The former Strictly professional continued: “You can learn quite a lot from the beginning, when you see them pick up steps and how they’re kind of processing it in their minds.”

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Camilla won the BBC show in 2008 with Tom Chambers and she confessed she knew he would go far the very first time she met him.

“When I met my winning partner, Tom,” she began. “I kind of knew from the very first conversation I had with him.

“His mindset was one of a positive one and that was going to be half the battle.”

“He said he would dream of making the final and having that freestyle to dance like Fred Astaire,” she continued.


  • Chris Kamara: ‘Won’t ever do Strictly now’ Star spills amid test fail

“I could feel that he was already thinking ahead.

“He was already like coming up with ideas of what he would like to do.”

The ballroom dancer and life coach went on to praise Strictly and revealed why she thinks it’s such a good show.

Camilla added: “This is what I say about strictly, it is very unique that you have everybody who works on the show, whether it’s in costumes, or producer or camera, or they’re at the top of their game, and that’s why it’s so good.”

Camila Sacre-Dallerup’s latest book, It’s Not You, It’s Me: How To Heal Your Relationship with Yourself and Others is avaliable for pre-order.

Strictly Come Dancing 2019 airs tonight on BBC One at 7pm.

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James Bond No Time To Die: TRUTH behind Safin’s shattered mask and link to Swann EXPLAINED


James Bond is back, with Daniel Craig reprising his role as 007 one last time. In the No Time To Die trailer, he can be seen trying to work out how his girlfriend Madeleine Swann (played by Lea Seydoux) could be connected to the enemy, accusing her of harbouring “secrets”. When it comes to the villain, it’s all about Safin (Rami Malek), with fans getting their first good look at him in the new footage.

One moment from the trailer shows Safin stalking across the frozen surface of a lake, limping and clutching a machine gun, his scarred face hidden behind a white mask.

The mask, however, is shattered, a large part broken away to reveal a glimpse of his face underneath.

If we piece together the puzzle, leaks and past revelations from Spectre, what emerges is the mysterious relationship between the villain and Bond’s love, Swann.

First, back in March, pictures and video emerged of the Bond crew shooting a scene on an icy lake.



  • James Bond No Time to Die trailer: Who is THIS mystery woman?

Shots saw a child actress, playing a young Swann, running across the lake with Safin in pursuit.

The scene clearly matches the snippets seen in the first trailer, released this afternoon, demonstrating that the moment where Safin is surrounded by the snow and ice, his broken mask half-concealing his identity, seems to be a flashback to Swann’s childhood.

But why would he be chasing her? And what’s the significance behind the shattered mask?

Track back to the previous Bond film, Spectre, during which Swann hints at her past when 007 tries to train her to assemble a gun as they take the train to Blofeld’s (Christoph Waltz) lair.

It soon becomes apparent she needs no instruction and she explains: “A man once came to our house to kill my father.

“He didn’t know I was upstairs playing in my bedroom. Or that Papa kept a 9mm under the sink with the bleach.

“That’s why I hate guns,” she tells Bond.

It now looks like the incident to which she was referring is the flashback scene which has made it into No Time To Die, a moment of which also features in the trailer.


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What’s more, it means her connection to Bond’s new nemesis Safin goes all the way back to her childhood.

If her words from Spectre weren’t enough, earlier this year MI6 HQ claimed to have seen leaked paperwork online describing a scene from the upcoming Bond 25, saying: “A child shoots an intruder. She is chased by a second intruder and runs onto a frozen lake.”

Clues from the alleged leak appear to imply Swann shot Safin’s partner when they were sent to kill her father when she was young, meaning his mask was probably damaged in the fight at their house, prior to the scene where he is seen chasing her out into the icy weather.

Back to the new No Time To Die trailer, this could also explain the shot in which Swann is tearfully opening a wooden box containing the broken mask, appearing terrified.

It looks as though Safin could have sent her the item to intimidate and warn her of his imminent attack, possibly as vengeance.

Swann is the daughter of Spectre member Mr. White (Jesper Christensen) and distanced herself from her father and his criminal dealings long before she met Bond.

The trailer hints at trouble in paradise for Bond’s relationship with Swann as he becomes suspicious of her “secrets”.

One scene shows them on the run from attackers, with Swann asking: “Why would I betray you?”

“We all have our secrets,” he replied. “We just didn’t get to yours yet.”

James Bond: No Time Do Die is released in UK cinemas April 3 2020.

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I’m A Celebrity 2019: James Haskell fights back tears as he exits camp ahead of final

James, 34, became the fourth star to leave the I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! jungle tonight, just days before the final of the ITV reality show. As he recalled his journey, the sportsman was celery struggling to hold back his emotions.

After hosts Ant McParltin, 43, and Dec Donnelly, 44, announced the news of the latest elimination, stars such as Jacqueline Jossa, 27, and Caitlyn Jenner, 70, were sad to see James go.

Speaking with the presenters after walking across the infamous bridge to the studio above the camp, he admitted he didn’t think he would get emotional.

“I got quite emotional,” he began, before adding: “I thought I’m not going to well up here and I did.”

Dec remarked: “He’s got a heart,” after the rugby player seemed to have a stern exterior during his two week stint.


  • I’m A Celebrity 2019 final date: When is the I’m A Celeb final?

Talking more in-depth about his time on the show, the former rugby player said: “I learnt a lot about myself that in terms of challenges and hardship, I kind of suit it well.”

What he enjoyed most was helping other people as he explained being a sportsman and having committed to years of “hard training” gave him the ability to cope and offer support to others.

James said that’s what he had to offer as he admitted he couldn’t sign of dance and neither was he the funniest.

“But what I can do is help people with an arm when needed,” he added.

I learnt a lot about myself

James Haskell

Discussing the difficulties of having to stay on a strict diet, the sportsman commented: “My body started to shut down,” as he’s used to eating a daily intake of over 4000 calories.

“I didn’t want to complain but I really struggled.

“I’m a stickler for chivalry and manners and I always want the girls to go first but everyone gave me a bit of their food which was really nice,” he explained.

Of another divisive issue about clashing with his campmates, the rugby player gave his thought process on the matter.

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On several occasions, he was seen clashing with the other celebrities with regards to the answers of the Dingo Dollar challenge.

“Andrew [Maxwell] and Kate [Garraway] wanted to have this massive powerpoint presentation which just wasn’t good,” he declared.

With talk turning to the final, the sportsman put his backing behind former EastEnders actress Jacqueline to take the title.

So, could she go all the way and take the crown now she has her fellow campmates support?


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Taking to Twitter, viewers gave their thoughts on the latest elimination.

One wrote: “Bye james absolute legend in the jungle #ImACeleb.”

Another added: “Am I the only one who’s disappointed @jameshaskell has left the jungle?! #ImACeleb #iantowin.”

Whilst a third commented: “Gutted @jameshaskell has left! He was a funny guy #ImACeleb.”

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! continues Wednesday at 9pm on ITV.

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I’m A Celebrity 2019: Ian Wright horrified as Myles Stephenson drops shower revelation

After a few weeks in each others’ company in close proximity, many would assume that the campmates have become used to one another’ ways, even smells, but an admission from Myles tonight drove Ian up the wall. And then over the top and down the other side.

Patience might be starting to wear thin in the jungle, although what is very thin is the efficiency of that last dab or spray of deodorant from all those days ago.

Blood, sweat, and tears have been shed: on occasion, even by the celebrities, not just the creatures that have crawled over them.

As the showering facilities aren’t up to the standards they’re used to, not every contestant will be as fragrant as they would be when reclining on a chaise longue, fixing the shed roof, or whatever celebs spend their time doing.

Tonight Myles made an admission which freaked Ian out to such an extent, we may have to consult experts in nuclear physics.


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Last night Cliff left the jungle after arduous weeks of sleeping, napping, and kipping.

As the Call the Midwife star departed, Nadine remarked on his speed of movement, which hadn’t been previously witnessed by his campers.

“I’ve never seen Cliff move so fast. He ran over that bridge,” said Nadine.

She then offered as to why he was moving with the speed of a jungle cat which has had plenty of naps to save up its energy.

“He’s happy to be reunited with his family. He was talking about champagne and a bath, so it’s a big night for Cliff.”

A bath. The contestants have been dunked, drowned, and dipped into offal, guts, and other animal parts even the most adventurous diner would decline.

The very thought of a bubble bath made Myles consider his own personal scent.

Burying his nose deep into his arm’s musk generator, he claimed a big whiff from his armpit had woken him up.

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What an alarm clock that must be.

The odour was so exotic, he felt compelled to ask his celebrity chums the date of a certain task involving fish guts – because that had been the last time he had showered.

Ian’s response was as immediate as if he’d unwrapped a Christmas present and it was an eau de toilette of Myles’s current scent.

“Don’t lie! Your bottom must smell like an atom bomb!”


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At the time of writing, Dr Brian Cox was unavailable to tell us what an atom bomb smells like and if indeed it would be comparable to a whiffy bum.

Ian’s horrified reaction continued and could not even stand to be near Myles, even if until then he hadn’t been able to smell him.

“I don’t want to talk to you and I can’t look you in the eye. You stinky bum.”

James added his own condemnation: “You stinky little teenage boy!”

However, Myles was unrepentant in the Bush Telegraph, saying personal hygiene is secondary to success.

“We all smell, why do I need to shower? I am not here to impress, I am here to get stars. I am the star lord!”

In the Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt played Peter Quill, known as Star Lord, a hero whose personal hygiene was never called into question.

If Myles had called himself Swamp Thing, then he might have had a point.

I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here continues on ITV tomorrow at 9pm.

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